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Welcome to Cayman Animal Hospital

Since 2000, Cayman Animal Hospital has endeavored to provide outstanding healthcare to pets and exceptional client service in a relaxed, friendly environment. Your pet’s health and wellbeing are our highest priorities – we understand the special bond you share! It is our goal to preserve and strengthen that bond using modern veterinary medicine and good, old-fashioned care, compassion, and respect.

Our Services

Routine Wellness
Ensure your pet's well-being with routine wellness exams at Cayman Animal Hospital. Detect health issues...
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Medical, Surgical, and Emergency Services
For comprehensive veterinary care, trust Cayman Animal Hospital. From medical and surgical services to...
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Laboratory and Diagnostic Services
Cayman Animal Hospital offers comprehensive laboratory & diagnostic services, ensuring swift results...
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Dental Services
Ensure your pet's long-term health with comprehensive dental care at Cayman Animal Hospital. From professional...
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Retail Pet Products
Pharmacy, Prescription Diets, and Retail
Cayman Animal Hospital offers a fully-stocked pharmacy, prescription diets, and high-quality retail products...
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House Calls, Teleconsultations, and Delivery Services
Cayman Animal Hospital offers house calls, teleconsultations, and delivery services for added convenience....
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Pawsome Ventures
Pawsome Ventures Pet Travel Compliance Services
Pawsome Ventures ensures stress-free pet travel compliance for your furry companions. With expert consultancy,...
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Ensure your pet's safety with microchipping at Cayman Animal Hospital. A quick, permanent ID solution...
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End of Life Care
At Cayman Animal Hospital, we provide compassionate end-of-life care for pets, offering support, dignity,...
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Our Values

At Cayman Animal Hospital we value the patients that our clients have entrusted us to partner in their care. We are committed to providing exemplary healthcare in a professional, friendly environment that focuses on personalized, timely, and compassionate service. The care we provide makes a positive difference in our clients’ and patients’ lives and fosters our team members’ personal growth and career satisfaction. Our team collaborates to create the optimum client and patient experience. We endeavor to be efficient, productive, and conscientious in conserving resources. We support one another in a courteous, respectful, and empathetic manner. Each individual strives to grow professionally and is accountable to the team to be helpful and approachable at all times. It is a positive workplace where we concentrate on our successes and take pride in offering our best to the community.

Our Clients Say

“Excellent service at Cayman Animal Hospital. Our cat got injured and Dr. Samantha was able to get us an appointment right away. The staff, nurses, and receptionist were very gentle, attentive, and knowledgeable. Lucky and I could not have been happier with the treatment and went home to recover very quickly. After using different veterinarian facilities on island, we have chosen Cayman Animal Hospital as a long-term facility due to exceptional service. Thank you!”
- Diana
“Big thumbs up to everyone! The best, most professional veterinary hospital, you can be assured your furry family is in great hands!”
- Sharon
“From the moment we walked in the door we were greeted with friendly and helpful staff. The vets and the staff did everything possible to ensure that our cat received the best treatment and was so taken care of and brought back to full health. They have a genuine love and care for animals and kept us up to date on our cat’s progress through surgery and care thereafter. We can’t thank them enough! Thank you to Dr. Lana and Dr. Samantha and all the staff at Cayman Animal Hospital for taking great care of our 'Mr. Phoebe'.”
- Tim & Justine
“Thank you for taking care of Ibiza today and looking after her. The care and passion you guys have, words can’t express nor explain. Thank you, from the bottom of our heart.”
- Ramon & Lanette
“Thanks for all your help this week, you guys are all absolutely amazing. I can’t tell you how thankful I am to have such a wonderful clinic on this island to take care of my family. Thank you!”
- Amber
“I wanted to thank Dr. Lana and her team at Cayman Animal Hospital. You gave me 30 more days with Ami and I am forever grateful. Your team was excellent. Cayman Animal Hospital was the only Vet he ever went to and went in without a fight. For his last check-up, he walked right in. The staff were fantastic, especially Dr. Sole. It was time for him to go and I got to say goodbye! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.”
- Randy
“Special thanks to you all for being so supportive with the Chong family. I received Ruckus’ cremation and the wonderful cards from all you guys- that was so beautiful. Again, thanks to you all for the support and encouragement.”
- Donovan
“I’m just here to say how pleased I am with Cayman Animal Hospital’s team during the last few months- especially with Dr. Sole, Luana, and Chloe. When we were going through a difficult time with one of my fur babies, they were very calm and supportive. They treated my Rocky like the king that he was. A massive “shout out” to them! Thank you for all that you do!”
- Haileigh
“Thank you so much to Dr. Sole for treating Loki’s ongoing skin condition. He is now a happy dog as before. He’s playful, alert and like a young boy! We never thought he would get back to his old self.”
- Rina
“Just a little Thank You for all your care and support in dealing with Vigilant. The extra time gained through your attention and care allowed him to meet our son. Keep up the good work! Thanks so, so much for everything.”
- Brian & Deborah
“We have to say again that we shall always be grateful for the wonderful love and care Benji received from all of you at the Cayman Animal Hospital. You treated Benji as if he were part of your own family and you gave us such understanding and support when we needed it most, thank you again! We often think of you all and the great work you do for the very special furry members of our families.”
- Lynn
“I have used the poem on your front counter “Just a Dog” combined with a picture of every friend of ours dog that has passed, print it and frame it and give to them, almost everyone has put it on their wall as a memorial of their lost friend and I never would have seen that poem if I had not been encouraged to get a second opinion at Cayman Animal Hospital. This is one of the many little things that make your clinic special! Of course, the courteous, professional service helps too!”
- M & M
“Thank you for your beautiful letter and Dee Dee’s pawprints. We were all so touched and will cherish it. Thank you for your care of Dee Dee over the past decade or so. Our house is empty but filled with wonderful memories of our amazing pet and family member.”
- The Kirkaldy Family
“A massive thank you for all you all did for Dolly, you are all amazing and we are both super grateful that you made Dolly better 😉 Not to mention how much you all genuinely care about the animals its very comforting knowing you guys are there to help when she is poorly sick.”
- Amy
“I would like to say that my partner and I both thought very highly of the service we received yesterday – it made our first somewhat stressful trip to the vets more bearable as everyone there was very helpful, and the Dr was great with Kadie. Thanks again.”
- Geoff
June Promotions
Pet Appreciation Week; Hurricane and Disaster Preparedness Month; and Adopt-a-Cat Month

Cayman Animal Hospital has exciting offers for June 2024! Celebrate Pet Appreciation Week with 10% off all pet treats from June 2nd to 8th. In honor of Hurricane and Disaster Preparedness Month, enjoy special discounts to help prepare your pets for the season. For Adopt-a-Cat Month, take advantage of promotions designed to welcome a new feline friend into your home.
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