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A veterinary laboratory provides important diagnostic testing for both sick and well animals. At Cayman Animal Hospital we offer a modern, in-house veterinary laboratory with state-of-the-art testing and equipment and trained personnel to interpret findings. If more specialist testing is required we use highly reputable small animal reference laboratories based in the States and UK.

Why is Lab Work Important?

Abaxis Blood Testing Machine

In healthy animals, laboratory tests conducted during routine wellness exams establish baseline values crucial for tracking your pet’s health over time. Our in-house laboratory ensures swift results for standard tests such as CBCs (complete blood counts), chemistry panels (assessing major organ function), urinalysis, fecal exams, heartworm evaluation, skin cell analysis, and more.

When your pet falls ill, comparing new lab results to established baselines aids in accurately assessing the severity of illness. Throughout treatment, laboratory tests help gauge the patient’s response to therapy. Moreover, laboratory tests aid in confirming illnesses, identifying emerging conditions, and ruling out other diseases, particularly crucial in senior pet care for early detection of age-related ailments common to cats and dogs.

Prior to surgery, pre-surgical screening tests assess the risk of complications posed by general anesthesia,and are recommended for pets of all ages to ensure their safety at all times during their procedure. Your cherished companion deserves nothing but the finest diagnostic care, and our clinical team delivers precisely that: accurate, reliable, and convenient service to ensure your pet’s health and wellness.

Other Diagnostic Services

To further aid in our diagnostic capabilities, we perform in-house digital radiographs and ultrasounds. Where specialist consultation is required, we collaborate with VitalRADS in the USA, receiving prompt and professional image interpretation, diagnostic assistance, and case management guidance from board-certified specialists.

By combining our in-house capabilities with external resources, we strive to offer a seamless and integrated approach to diagnosis and treatment, ultimately improving outcomes and enhancing the level of care and expertise received by our patients.

At Cayman Animal Hospital, we are committed to leveraging innovation and collaboration to provide modern veterinary medicine with old-fashioned care that exceeds expectations.