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While not a substitute for all the resources and capabilities offered by a full-service veterinary hospital environment, we offer house calls, teleconsultations, and delivery services where possible.

House Calls

In an era of increasing demands on personal time, we understand our clients’ needs for convenience and flexibility, as well as the individualized needs of our beloved patients.

Where deemed appropriate, we offer house calls to help ease your stress and optimize your pet’s comfort level. Whether it be for weight checks, hospice and palliative care services, senior pet consultations, puppy and kitten growth checks, or home euthanasia, a house call may be the perfect fit for assisting with your pet’s routine health and wellness. Wherever possible, requests for house calls should be made at least 5 business days in advance of your desired appointment time to ensure your needs can be met.


We offer video and telephone consultations for specific issues which may not require a visit to our hospital facility. When you contact our hospital, your situation will be triaged by our medical team to determine if a teleconsultation would be suitable. Teleconsultations are not suitable for urgent and emergency cases and cannot replace a hospital visit. The following conditions can usually be addressed with a teleconsultation:

If you are unsure or have been left confused by Dr. Google, give us a call for expert advice and guidance.

Retail Pet Products

Delivery Services


Running low on prescription food, Heartgard, or Nexgard? Struggling to collect Roxy’s thyroid medication while juggling school pick-up? Rest assured! We are equipped with company vehicles and helpful support staff to assist you. Our delivery services run island-wide based on a weekly schedule and are available to our registered clients for a small fee. Contact us to learn more about our delivery service offerings!