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Dr. Samantha Dorman

Dr. Samantha Dorman, MSc, BVSc

Veterinary Practice Director & Veterinary Travel Consultant

Dr. Samantha, a passionate advocate for animal health and seamless pet travel, brings a unique blend of veterinary expertise and pet travel compliance knowledge to Cayman Animal Hospital. With over a decade of experience at the Cayman Islands Department of Agriculture, her career includes roles in clinical diagnostic medicine, animal welfare, veterinary public health, One Health, veterinary legislation, food safety, biosecurity, and regulatory compliance. She previously served as the Acting Senior Veterinary Officer, managing five units and fifteen employees.

A longtime member of the Cayman Animal Hospital family, Dr. Samantha first connected with Practice Owner Dr. Lana Watler in 2000 as a high school work experience student. She interned and worked at the hospital throughout her education, returning in 2023 to where her veterinary passion began. Dr. Samantha holds a veterinary degree from Massey University, New Zealand, and is completing a MSc in One Health from the University of Edinburgh. She focuses on the interconnectedness of human, animal, and environmental health, with interests in sustainability, food security, and the human-animal bond.

Dr. Samantha expertly guides pet owners through the complexities of international pet travel, leveraging her experience in overseeing the Import/Export Unit at the Department of Agriculture. She offers tailored consultations on vaccinations, documentation, and country-specific regulations, ensuring a stress-free travel process for pets and their owners. Known for her empathy and patience, she provides clear guidance and support throughout pet care and travel planning.

As Veterinary Practice Director, Dr. Samantha ensures the hospital’s seamless operation and exceptional pet care. She fosters a positive company culture, prioritizing the welfare and wellness of staff, pets, and owners. Certified as a Mental Health First Aider and holding a Level 5 Certification in Innovation and Change Management, she integrates innovation and strategic planning into her work, emphasizing lifelong development for her team and herself.

Outside of work, Dr. Samantha enjoys cooking, traveling, exploring Cayman’s culinary scene, watching cricket, and spending time with her family. She is also a first soprano vocalist and clarinet player.